Those who don't remember the past are condemned
                      to repeat it. (George Santayana)
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The Story:

Almost two decades ago, a traumatic experience launched the author into a
search, a search to find numerous answers in life: why things are turning
out the way they are around us; why people act the way the do; etc. The
direction of this research, over time, eventually focused on the earliest
chapters of Genesis, as well as parts of Revelation. From these portions of
Scripture, the author believes that so many answers to understanding - and
dealing with - our modern world could be found... spiritual, or otherwise.
The best way to decipher how things developed in our world, over time
(and are still developing), is to learn how it all might have
really began.

From a collection of interesting tidbits,
The Rise of Mystery Babylon series
developed into a powerhouse of this early information, on a scale (most-
probably) not seen before. The author devoted his entire career to
assembling even the most obscured and minute interpretations of Biblical
scripture - those devoted to these early times of Genesis. There is a reason
for all of this, though: "those who don't remember the past are condemned
to repeat it." We are repeating it without knowing it, and maybe it's all by
sinister design... as we'll see.

Everything in these volumes is very well-documented, with footnotes
around every corner. Roughly 97% of the theological arguments contained
within have some element of written documentation to back it up.

From all of these additions, we can see that, indeed, there might have been

essential story to Genesis - going much deeper, and telling us much
more, than we ever learned in Sunday School! And, on top of it, there are

reasons why these deeper messages of early Genesis have been all
but obscured, or essentially forgotten. There are elements of our society -
past and present - who feel a lot more content with just letting things stay
where they are... in the dust bin of history. Hence, this is the essence of
Mystery Babylon is all about!

There is absolutely a lot
more to our world than does meet the eye...

This first volume is not your typical book of biblical prophecy, with
attempts to interpret human future via the Book of Revelation. True, there
is some, but there is so much more needed to understand it all. The typical
interpretations of early Genesis, today, ask the reader to swallow a number
of seemingly-questionable story elements, such as: was the Serpent merely
a talking snake? Were Adam and Eve truly alone in the Garden of Eden?
Did Noah's Flood spread across the entire earth? Were there truly fallen
angels mating with mortal women, producing giant, malevolent offspring, or
were these merely different groups of people, coming together in unsavory
ways? Beyond providing answers to the typical “where did Cain get his
wife” question, the book examines much of the above, also delving into the
Gap Theory, the concept of the underworld, the pre-Adamites, the
Nephilim, the Anakim, and so much more. All of this ultimately helps to
expose the darkened underbelly of
Mystery Babylon, and helps us discover
how it, once again, is trying to bring back the same depravities into the
world it once had. There really may be a huge “parallel of existences,”
here: the times of Noah’s Flood compared to the times of today. Jesus,
after all, was the one who said: “as the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall
also the coming of the Son of man be” (Mat. 24:37). Could one side of this
parallel be the times we see now, in the present?

These volumes offer their ideas in simple language, with an easy-to-follow
format. This first volume - “The Way of Cain” - ultimately provides a
deeper look into the origins of Cain, a powerful player in the development
of Babylon. We’ll soon discover why the story of Cain and Abel was, and
still is, so important. We now have a good deal of ammunition to decipher
why the Epistle of Jude reluctantly felt a need to exclaim to the whole
world: “Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain…” (Jude 1:

With these volumes, the "missing pieces" of the puzzle could now be
entered back into our lives again - they also can reveal
why such
information was sanctioned off to begin with,
why the Bible associates this
all with the term "Mystery Babylon," and
why all of it may really help to
establish a more positive foundation for our own daily walks, and spiritual

The author will, soon, be publishing the second volume in this series. He
also is seeking a way to establish some manner of ministry with all of this
knowledge - finding ways to utilize the massive amount of information
obtained in order to help others. Anyone with thoughts, information,
questions, or ideas is urged to contact Brett, via the email(s) below:


Thank you - any and all - for reading the material in this site, the material in
these volumes, and for all prayers and contributions.