Babylon hath been a golden cup... that made
            all the earth drunken... (Jer. 51:7)

      What is the "Seven-Headed Beast" of Revelation?

A lot of controversy thrives about the "end times;" and what the "seven-
headed beast" of Revelation might really be. What happened to the world
after Nimrod and Esau? What had the
Mystery system(s) of ancient
Babylon morphed itself into, or passed itself off as, over the years?

First, as we recall from
"Birds" and "Beasts", when the Bible makes
reference to a "beast" it doesn't always mean something negative, or
derogatory. In the book of Revelation, for example, we see the word
"beast" even used as the description of a good,
angelic being of God (Rev.
4:6-8)! And we've already surmised the
Bahemah (beasts) and Chay (beast)
of the Field
as groups of Pre-Adamite peoples - not necessarily derogatory.

Yet, there
is another famous "beast" of the Bible, and this one is negative,
and derogatory: the
Antichrist of Revelation! Just who might this "beast"
be; and how would it relate to these stories of our past,
as well as to our
future? Let's look.

The book of Revelation clearly does refer to this
beast as a person; as well
as at least one
system of influence which may be related to this person. It's
like associating
Babylon with the man Nimrod; as well as associating
Babylon with the political and religious influences Nimrod helped usher into
the post-flood world.

As we look into the past, we also recall that the
Serpent was "more subtle
than all the
beasts of the field" (Gen. 3:1 KJV). He could have once been
either one of these angelic
beasts; or, perhaps, a leader of other people in
the Garden (i.e. the
Bahemah (beasts) or the Chay (beast) of the Field). On
top of it, could there be some
connection between this evil "beast" of our
past and the future "beast" of Revelation?

We know the original
Serpent of the Garden of Eden was also, probably,
known by other names (such as
Nachash, Amalek, and Azazel). And we
also know that Satan "rode" a top of this Serpent; being the driving force
behind most everything the Serpent said or did to seduce Eve.[1]

As we dig deeper, we'll see, according to the Bible and other ancient
sources, that many fallen angels were reportedly said to have been put into
chains - inside a spiritual place of despair - for their disobedience to God
before the flood. This spiritual place was said to have been inside the deep,
depths of the earth (II Pet. 2:4). And, possibly,
the Serpent was also among
them! Sources also state that none of the original antediluvian Nephilim and
Watchers had survived Noah's flood (just some of their mixed offspring).
They all died just the way God told them they would - without hope;
without any chance for redemption.

We also see that, in the Book of Revelation, an angel would be released
from chains such as these. During the coming "end times" of our world, this
angel would be allowed to ascend to the surface of the earth, to wreak
havoc and destroy. Could this angel, known as
Abaddon, be Satan himself?
Or, could he be the Serpent? Or
both? The Bible states that, in Rev. 20:1-2,
there would be an
old serpent (or, a serpent from the "times of old") who
would eventually be tossed
back, into the bottomless pit, again. Does that
mean he was actually
released, for a while?

This same serpent was also considered to be the
dragon, the Devil, Satan,
etc. So, is it fair to conclude that the
same Serpent of old (in the Garden)
would be allowed to return to earth - along with Satan himself - to be able
to pair up...
one last time? Could this "beast" of the future be the same
beast(s) of the Garden - the Serpent with Satan as his mouthpiece?

Interestingly enough, we recall that, in the Garden of Eden, we had
seductive, angelic
beasts (the Serpent and Satan, himself). Revelation also
says we will have two human
beasts: known as the beast and the false
.  On top of it, Revelation also says there will be two systems of
at work on our world, here - two systematic beasts, if you will![2]
As one can surmise, these two
systems of influence began to be popularized
by Cush and Nimrod in Babylon - one morphed into influences on our
world which are
political; the other religious.

As a descriptive way to incorporate meaning, the book of Revelation
describes these two sides - the
political and religious - as beasts coming
from the
earth and sea. The beast (or system of influence) who comes
from the "
sea" has already been interpreted in the Bible as the beast who
came from the
political arena - or sea - of individuals. Naturally, the beast
(or system of influence) from the "
earth" would, then, most probably stem
from the world of

Interestingly enough, according to Revelation, this religious
beast (of the
earth) would be able to "ride" atop of this political beast (of the sea);
supporting him, and trying to tell him what to say and do (Rev. 13:12) - this
was the
same as what happened in the Garden of Eden!

Interpreted: a religious system will
back a political system in the future. It
will totally support the politics of this first, political
beast. It had in the past -
it continues today. It's amazing to see the parallels - past to future.

Next, we move on to see that both systematic
beasts (political and religious)
were said, in Revelation, to have
seven heads. What could these "heads"
be, in regards to each?

First, as far as this
political beast, these seven heads could, very well,
represent the number of "
heads of state," or empires, who had some type
of upper hand over God's people - the Israelites. These
seven held sway
over their world in the past, and not so distant past.

It does make sense, if we look at it:
Jacob, a grandson of Abraham, had his
named changed to "Israel" by an angel of God Himself! He was the father
of this promised nation of God. Over time, Jacob and his 12 sons (i.e. the
"twelve tribes of Israel") were imprisoned by the
Egyptians. Egypt was one
of many
heads of state who could fit this bill (they, as well, adopted the
many pagan influences of which Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis passed
down from Babylon, interestingly enough). Through this, we could
conclude that Egypt was head "
number 1." Since then, the descendants of
Israel were held sway by 5 other "heads of state:" the Assyrians ("
"); the Babylonians - a later Babylonian empire, under king
Nebuchanezzer ("
number 3"); Media/Persia ("number 4"); Greece
number 5"); and Rome ("number 6"). The total now is up to 6 "heads."

Interestingly enough, there seems to be Scriptural proof of the above. It lies
in the book of Daniel, Chap. 8: the prophet Daniel predicted there would be
four empires - since his time - which would also lead up to this same end-
result: (Nebuchanezzer's)
Babylon, Media/Persia, Greece, and Rome - the
same last four as the above.

Yet, the Bible said there would be
seven "heads" to this political/empiric
beast; not six. Where did the seventh come from? We already know, by the
end of time the book of Revelation was written (in approx. 70 A.D.), the
Roman Empire held sway, and dominated, all of Israel - the six "heads"
were already in place.

And, there is a verse of Revelation which clearly states:

  And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is...
                                                       - Rev. 17:10 (KJV)

This seems to fit perfectly what we are saying - so far. The verse seems to
agree that these political "heads" are "heads of state," or "
kings." Five kings
(or empires) had, indeed, fallen; each one absorbed by the empire which
conquered over it. And, also, we know that
Rome was the empire in charge
over Israel at this time - the
one that is!
Let's find out what the
seventh political empire is, according to Revelation -
by looking further into the verse:

  And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, the other is not
  yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
                                                                 - Rev. 17:10 (KJV)

  And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly
  wound was healed...                                  - Rev. 13:3 (KJV)

What does this all mean? Simply, this seventh "head" is the "other" head
which has not yet come; it would also appear, in the future, as an empire
which was once wounded, as if it were wounded to death; but
came back,
as if healed. In other words, this seventh, political "head" will come out of
sixth "head;" and be revived again.

As we recall, the last, sixth "head" was Rome. The "head" that ruled over
Israel at the time Revelation was written was Rome. The final "head" of
Daniel was Rome. Could the Roman Empire be the "head" that was once
wounded; only to be revived?

Interestingly enough, the last time Israel was a nation on its own (before it
was disbursed), it was under the domain of the
Roman Empire. The people
of Israel were scattered just after the time of Christ; not to be a nation again
for almost two thousand years. In 1948, however, the nation of Israel was,
once again, re-established. Interestingly enough, around this
same time, the
influences of the city of Rome were, once again, rising in their political hold.

European Union was established in, approximately, the same time as
Israel! It went down with the "Treaty of

The nation that now encompasses Rome (i.e. Italy) was one of the founding
countries of the E.U. The Treaty of Rome formed a conglomerate of
nations - nations which actually resemble a "revived" conglomeration of the
lands the Roman Empire once had sway over, way back when! Yes; had
seventh "head" of this political "beast" revived itself? Was it of the sixth
head - a stronghold once "wounded to death;" but healed, in a way?

In our age, we
indeed seem to have a "revived Roman Empire," here -
which began at this Treaty of
Rome. What fits this bill better? The E.U.
surely could be this
seventh "head!"

  ...and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
                                                      - Rev. 17:10 (KJV)

This seventh "head," at the time Revelation was written, had not yet come;
and when it does, it will continue only for a short space. The European
Union has only been in existence for some 50 years; a far cry from the
hundreds of years these empires of the past held their power.

Also, the prophet Daniel mentions that this
last conglomerate of nations will
be held together by "clay" (Dan. 2:43); which might mean that it will
become a group of nations, independent of each other, but held
together the
same way objects could be held together by
clay. They are close together,
in some ways; but not
concrete; not solidly. The European Union holds
itself together this
same way: a fragile agreement, at best, between its
member countries.

The Bible also talks of ten "horns," or "kings;" which relate to this final,
seventh "head" - now, just
who are they? Interestingly enough, when we
look at the E.U., today, we see something more, according to Rev. 17:11-

  And the beast that was, and is not (i.e. Rome), even he is the eighth,
  and is of the seven…                                    - Rev. 7:11 (KJV)

We already postulated the “seventh” revived empire of John’s time was
Rome – as the European Union. Now, we see that there even another
conglomeration which comes out of the European Union: the
eighth "head;"
coming out of the “seventh.” Now, what is this
eighth conglomeration of

Simple: for the first time since the Roman Empire of old, we now have a
conglomeration of countries in Europe which have combined, even
These countries, all coming out of the E.U., have agreed to keep their
the same - and this block of nations are called the “Eurozone.”
The Eurozone came into existence on January 1st, 2002.

On this day, twelve countries all began to distribute the monetary unit of
this Eurozone - the
Euro - as legal tender. All of these lands also once
belonged to the original Roman Empire at the time of John.
They are:

The Netherlands

At that beginning, there were 12 total. But, to understand who the "ten
horns" are, let’s continue on, in Revelation:

  And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have
  received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with
  the beast.                                                  - Rev. 17:12 (KJV)

Now, to find out who these “ten horns” (or “kings”) are, we bring in verses
of Daniel, Chap. 7. Here, Daniel had a dream of prophecy. In it, we have
more information on these “ten horns.”

  …and it had ten horns. I considered the horns, and, behold, there came
  up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the
  first horns plucked up by the roots…                        - Dan. 7:7-8 (KJV)

Again, the King James Translators tried to translate this text with the best of
intentions, assuredly. But, as we see, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense,
as it sets. Once we look at the
Strong numbers for the original Hebrew,
here, we might be able to interpret these verses in yet
another way.

Let’s look at a couple of the English words used here, with their
meanings: the words “considered” and “before” were, both, translated from
two Hebrew words, here; not one:

considered (is translated from the Hebrew):
hava - meaning "to come to pass," "to let become known," "come to be,"
        or "to fall"[4]
sekal (or sakal) - meaning "wisely understand," "to have insight," or


before (is translated from the Hebrew):
qodam - meaning "in front of" or "from before"[6]
min - meaning "as a result of" or "by reason of"[7]

Combine the four together, and we can have
another reinterpretation of
Dan. 7:7-8:

  …and it had ten horns. I understood what happened to (or understood
  the fall of) the horns: behold, there came up among them another little
  horn, by reason of what happened in front of (or before) this... there
  were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots…
                                                            - Dan. 7:7-8 (in retranslation)

In other words, Daniel, in this dream, understood "what happened to" the
horns, or "what was the reason behind their fall" (the horns being the 12
countries which first made up the Eurozone). And, another “little horn” (or
country) would have to come up, or rise, “by reason of what happened
before.” Now, what's this all about? What could have happened before?
And, what is this "fall?"

If we look at some of today’s news, we might see that a number of these
original countries (or "horns”) of the Eurozone are in financial trouble.
There are three or four now in jeopardy of actually dropping, or "falling,"
out of it; among them
Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. What if three
of these horns become “plucked up by the roots;" and leave the Eurozone?”
What “little horn” (or country) will be able to come in, and try to save the
euro from collapse?

If 3 countries do drop out of the original 12 - and, if you add in this 1
country (this "little horn), you then come up with a total of
10 countries -
the ten "horns."

This “little horn,” of whom quite possibly could be Great Britain, might
come in, and try to save the
euro from total collapse. And, the Bible says,
this happens, the Antichrist (the leader of this “little horn”) might also
be revealed!

Scary times we might be living in...

We continue, in the book of Daniel:

  ...and behold, in this horn [were] eyes like eyes of a man, and a mouth
  speaking great things.                                      - Dan. 7:8 (KJV)

We also see, from the book of Revelation:

  And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received
  no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
  These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the
  beast.                                                       - Rev. 17:12-13 (KJV)

Is this beast already amongst us? Will this part of Europe back him? How
many people are pushing this
unification? Are we near to finding out just
who this Antichrist might be? We may be closer to the "end times" than
many of us think!

God help us.

As far as the seven-headed
religious beast, things are a little different; but,
also, somewhat the same:

  And here the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven
  mountains, on which the woman (or whore) sitteth.
                                                     - Rev. 17:9 (KJV)

Rome is one of the only few cities in the world which sits on seven hills.

On top of this, there is a verse that confirms the meaning of these "heads,"
as clear as day:

  And the woman (or whore) which thou saweth is THAT GREAT CITY,
                                                       - Rev. 17:18 (KJV)

There was, indeed, an empire named after this great city of Rome. Rome
does sit on seven hills. There, indeed, was a treaty that led to a
conglomeration of former Roman lands at that city. There is also a
named for this city. It also states in Revelation that a church, or religious
authority, will "ride" atop of a political system (or

This happens today, in actuality. The
church, since inception, has always
been a huge influence over a lot of political affairs in Europe. What other
systems do we have, today, with this kind of set-up? What other empire -
complete with "city" - appears to have been "revived," in this way?

As we begin to unravel the "seven-headed beast" of Revelation, we recall
that it's actually the modern parallel of ancient
Babylon: the same mindset;
same way of looking at things. Today, we begin to see the same thing
being promoted in the socio/cultural, political, and religious beliefs of the
ruling authorities of Europe, as well as its people. This was, and is, the
"torch" of influence - being passed on from ancient Babylon, and,
eventually to Rome - all the way from Babylon to its modern,
forms (or
systems) in Europe, and beyond.

We recall, from
Legacy of Nimrod, Esau upstarted the authority of ancient
Babylon - assuming
another "birthright," here. His descendants would,
eventually, go on to form the
Edomites. Some of these Edomites would be
there to help establish a major world empire - the empire of
Rome! It all
makes sense, especially when we think of this as
sibling rivalry on a grand
Jacob (a.k.a. Israel) was Esau's brother. Israel's descendants have
been at odds with Esau's descendants ever since their twin births. Since
Esau killed the ruler of Babylon at the time - the current "Nimrod" - and
stole those powerful clothes he had on, he could have easily assumed some
sort of "divine" right to the power and authority associated with this

This sibling rivalry - between Israel and Rome - continued from then on:
from the conquering of the Holy Land by the Romans to the Crusades. This
must be why God really
hated Esau, as stated in the Bible![8] Rome has
done all she could to take over the sovereignty and majesty of Israel, all
throughout history. They continue to be at odds for one very important
reason - their
origins. Rome continues with its undying attempt to take over
some sort of divine authority over all of Judeo/Christian belief.

Many of us may have considered
why Rome, in the past, seemed to have
such a dominating
hold, or majesty, over the planet? Why are so many
people seemingly attracted to this city, as well as readily yielding to its

We now know about Rome. We know about Esau. We know about Cush
and Nimrod, before him. They've all had influence over the development of
mystery systems of old Babylon - and passing on the political and
religious "torch," if you will. But, we also know the "ways" of thought, in
regards to Babylon, has
its roots in the Garden of Eden, the Serpent, as
well as Cain.

Kenites (as we recall from Other Flood Survivors) were the post-flood
descendants of Cain (and his probable father - the
Serpent). The Kenites,
interestingly enough, had a very special role in the development of Hebrew
religion. In the book of Deuteronomy, a number of these ancient scribes of
Hebrew priests were actually Kenites.[9]

Later, as time went on, these Kenites would slowly assimilate themselves
priestly duties - much like a ball-boy slowly beginning to pass himself
off as a real baseball player. It would be the legacy of these Kenite scribes,
now turned into
priests, who would eventually dominate the dogma of
Judaism - even up to the time of Jesus! It would be these priests - still with
Kenite blood - who would be responsible for stirring up people against Jesus
at his trial, and help to facilitate his crucifixion.

What this did was actually
fulfill the prophecy of Genesis 3:15! Seeds of the
serpent (via these Cainite/Kenite priests) would indeed "bruise the heel" of
the seed of Adam and Eve (i.e. Jesus). Even though they crucified Jesus, he
would rise from death on the third day; and "crush the
head" of these
priests - crush their

Jesus, through this sacrifice, would also defeat the Serpent's hold of
upon the world - by rising from the dead - therefore becoming the perfect
substitute sacrifice for all of mankind (all of those who wanted to believe,
that is). No more animal sacrifices needed. No more need to follow the
same, strict laws the priests of all "owned" (and also manipulated). The
stage was set for a new way.

Although this officially launched
Christianity, the influences on culture,
politics, and religion via these descendants of Cain would continue still,
further influencing thought in our world, as well! So now, we not only have
Rome trying to influence true Judeo/Christian thought from the outside, we
also have these Kenites trying to influence it from

True Christian thought would be at odds with these corrupted "ways" of
tradition and interpretation by religious zealots, from then on. The "ways"
of Cain, Babylon, and - ultimately - the
Serpent continue to come back into
the mainstream of society the same ways they always had. Its almost like a
weed which always seems to come up, again and again; regardless of the
attempts to kill it... because it never is truly "rooted up."

There is so much more on this in the upcoming book
The Rise of Mystery
- which takes a good, hard look at the religious battles actually
going on, here; and how to spot "which side is which."

Ultimately, the Bible helps us, by exposing where the greatest seat of these

once were out in the open:

  And upon her forehead a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE
  EARTH.                                                      - Rev. 17:5 (KJV)

Also, we know that the leaders of ancient Babylon hijacked the prophecy of
Genesis 3:15 ("it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel"), as
well; and used it towards their
own benefit. The prediction of Christ's
coming to earth actually happened, according to them at Babylon - 2000
years before the event - by Nimrod's supposed "martyr," and rebirth of
Semiramis' "promised one" (in
Origins of Babylon 2).

Through some
deception of "holiness," Babylon tried to twist their way into
giving the world a "savior" - 2000 years early! This was also why the
"beasts" of Revelation will be called
antichrist - the prefix anti, here, can
simply mean "close to, but the
opposite." In other words, the "ways" of
antichrist might appear to be close to Christ,
but not Christ. Just like this
phony deception about Nimrod and Semiramis 'savior' baby, those who
perpetuate these ways will appear act "holy," and speak much of the same
that might be in the Bible, but will hold onto
elements of this Babylonian

There is only one who fulfilled this biblical prophecy:

  But he (Jesus) was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for
  our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with
  his stripes we are healed.                                 - Isa. 53:5 (KJV)

Only one.

This political and religious antichrist corruption spills over into our everyday
culture; into what may or may not be considered "politically correct," today.
These antichrist views people may facilitate on politics, religion, and culture
may appear to be
Christ-like or wholesome on the surface; but, in the end,
will attempt to take people into
another moral, and also leave God and
Christ out of it all! For example, one might notice how much conversation
there is, today, about "peace" and "safety!" Yes, they both sound moral and
just. Many who also delve on pushing these topics will often leave any
reference to "God" out of them, in their conversation - for the sake of
political correctness. What we have left is people concentrating on the
"peace" and "safety" elements that come from
humanistic attempts -
nothing ultimately pertaining to a strong faith in a heavenly Father.

Yet, one of the scariest verse in the Bible seems to show an example of
these hollow,
secular, and humanistic desires for something that may
sound moral - but leaves God out of it. Below is a warning for those living
in the era near the up-and-coming "end-time" - a time when
many would
begin to adopt these hollow, politically correct "ways:"

  For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a
  thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then
  sudden destruction cometh upon them...                - I Thess. 5:3 (KJV)

Ultimately, we see these godless "ways" should not be taken lightly; but
exposed for what they
really are - antichrist driven! God will be ready to
take action, because man has lost their way.
These thoughts are nothing new, as we know. So, understanding political,
religious, and cultural thought such as this - which also thrived in "the days
of Noah" - will help us increase our
own powers of discernment and abilities
to make proper moral decisions on out world; on what's
truly right and
what's truly wrong with what we're being taught... no matter how "Christ-
like" people may try to make it all sound.

Way of Cain will go even deeper.


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Copyright 2010, Brett T., All Rights Reserved
The Rise  of Mystery