Marvel not, my brethren, if the world
                  hate you. (I John 3:13)
Psychology of

              How do people adopt these "ways" of Babylon?

It, ultimately, begins in the human mind - and the way we think about

The people of Noah's day
sure knew of God, and what His judgments
were on the pre-flood world. Evidence of this flood was everywhere. Some
people were even still alive who lived through it - with a horrible tale to
tell, no doubt. It must have been terrible to learn that the world you once
knew - the entire world - was devastated. Yet, it only took a couple of
hundred years, and the people of the post-flood world had, again, the
desires to come together - and stake their claim
against the same God![1]
Why? Why unite like this again so soon? What had changed their minds - to
be against the God who was ultimately responsible for their own creation?

Simply, there was
ideology behind most of it; ideology being pumped into
the masses - on a large scale. This would be the
same ideology introduced
before the flood, as well; producing similar changes of heart. As we'll see,
the seductive ideologies
of today seemed to be linked to those of the past -
because the past had their own,
ancient version of our "political
correctness." Eerie and scary.
But, how?

                                     Culture - a definition:

  …a pattern of behavior, learned, developed or otherwise… that has
  worked well enough to be considered valid and, therefore, to be taught
  to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in
  relation to those problems.
              (Schein, "Organizational Culture and Leadership 201", p. 1)

The great "veil" that Mystery Babylon often hides behind, back then - as it
today - often seems to involve these cultural thoughts of political
peace, freedom, love, safety, equality, and so-on.
As one could guess, this political bombardment often comes to our minds
through a progressively-leaning news media, entertainment media, as
well as from academia. Only
one way to view things is the goal of these
progressives, liberals, and secular humanists. All others need to be crowded
out - and this includes
conservative and Christian thought.
This style of one-sided talk is beginning to sound a lot like, say, Hitler's
propaganda "machine" of the 1940's! Back then, people were seduced by
certain ideologies bombarding them, as well as their not able to really hear
any other alternative... as well as the desires to feel "politically correct" in
front of their peers.
It may have even went on the same way in the "days of Noah;" helping
spring the building of the Tower of Babel! For example, tradition tells us
that only a
few people - among them Abraham and Shem's son Eber -
actually were able to refuse going along with the collective thought of the
day. Most others began to adopt whatever the "movers and shakers"of the
time (i.e. Cush and Nimrod)
said was the right "ways" - the same is going
on, today.

As we've seen, in
Politically Correct Babylon, those who take on
seemingly-worthy sentiments are, often, really
in the dark about the
possible, sinister underbellies to it all; where a lot of it might
really come
from; and what direction it all might
easily take someone. Regardless, to
many people, facts seem to mean little - it's their
feelings on something that
matters. It's their
perceptions on the humanistic interpretation that's
important. And, it's important how they might look in front of their friends
and neighbors - for adopting "ways" they think everyone will approve of.
Sad, but often

how does this all begin to "take hold" of so many? A decision to follow
these modems of thought often begins when a person is at a young age.
Most everyone suffers
some kind of trauma throughout their life. All people
have that
pride emotion embedded inside of them. Add in sympathetic
individuals around them, as well as the increasingly-progressive media, and
a few traumatic events in a person life allows them the opportunity of
"victim" status.

Sure, bad things happen to good people. Sure, there are
true victims in the
world. But, what is overlooked by so many of these like-minded people is
own contribution to what happens to them; their own personal
responsibility in the matter. Of course,
some things happen that are entirely
not a person's fault. But, there are probably a great deal more situations
that involve a little more than a persons being able to claim "victimization."
In fact,
people may have more of a role in their own situations than they
might even consciously realize, or admit to. Human
pride could easily rear
its ugly head at this time - allowing people to be willfully ignorant of their
own situation, or caring a lot more about
themselves than others around
them. This
pride is the same pride that Satan and the Serpent, both, were
famous for - they practically "wore it on their sleeves."

Many who maintain these "Left Winged" thoughts previously mentioned (in

Politically Correct Babylon
) often feel that the world should be a certain
way, and just plain are not ready to accept the reality that
it isn't... case in
The Garden of Eden! The typical liberal ideologue often has thoughts
on how to get our society back to
that point (in a hypothetical sense) - a
place where there is no pain, no crying, and no hurt; a place where there is
peace, safety, and, most important of all, no death.

It all sounds good on paper; but, as most know, it's unobtainable in this real
world. Why? We must recall that it was
Adam and Eve's decision - their
decision to
sin - which brought us to this state... not God. And, it was the
Serpent himself who defrauded the human race, to bring them down!
Instead of blaming God, we should be blaming
the Serpent and Satan for it
all! Yet, many still can't seem to understand why
mankind was to blame.

Human rationality over God's rationality gave us practically all of our
problems, as a society - and
continues to!  Yet, human pride continues to
dictates to individuals that it can't be
their fault, nor their "feel-good"
ideologies... it has to be someone
else's (even God's) fault! We must
remember that
the Serpent told Eve that she was the "victim" in the
she was actually the oppressed one. Whatever God was up to, it
wasn't in their best interests. And, if Adam and Eve only followed
"ways," they'd be much better off! This is exactly what Satan and the
Serpent want mankind to believe, from the beginning!

The reason life doesn't seem
fair and equal is because of Adam and Eve's
choice. Compassion often lacks because of
human choices. People decide
not to be safe.
People want to engage in strife against their neighbor, etc.
What about
our roles in it all?

People also may think that: just because someone else has something that
they don't, they should be
entitled to have the same thing; even to take it!
People want to be
free - but, the formula of their freedom often may not
include the responsibility of facing any of the negative results which might
accompany all of what they did. Yes, it's, ultimately, "all about them."

And, to top this all off, the acceptance of those "Ways of Cain," mentioned
previously, are also coming back to us, again - accepted as completely
understandable, and viable (see
The Way of Cain).

Can we do anything about it; to, somehow, slow our world from collapsing
under the
weight of these detrimental, self-centered ways of life? First, we
need to realize that it's so easy to "play the victim;" as Cain did. It's so easy
to try to complain and stay bitter. It's the easy way out to try to avoid the
real truths of our existence; and what may have brought our lives to the
point it is in.
As well, it's so easy to twist the reality of things, to try and get away from
the acceptance of personal responsibility. Understand that its not all God's
fault. These humanistic ideologies, ultimately, don't work. A pride-filled life
ultimately does not point us towards "loving thy neighbor as thyself."
humility instead - a completely self-volunteered humility - to those
around us; instead of the Serpent's
pride. There was a reason God created
Adam out of
lowly dust:

  (Adam was made)... with poor material, that in this way might be
  shown the admirable skill of the craftsman.
                       - Barhebraeus' Scholia on the Old Testament 6b 7

The Serpent and Satan used envy - to the extreme. They were envious of
Adam and mankind, and hated God for the situations they were in. Yet:

  A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy is the rottenness of
  the bones.                                                  - Prov. 3:31 (KJV)

Regardless, they also did whatever they could to take the world away from
Adam and Eve - they went
beyond this envy, and made the decision to take
action. They
coveted Adam's position in the Garden, and worked hard to
upstart what Adam and Eve both had - of which they

These same thoughts of
envy and covetousness go on today - on a grand
scale... in socialist and communist societies. For these sakes of "equality"
and "fairness," people think they have the natural right to go to these
"extremes" of envy, and hijack the wealth of others; even though the Bible
clearly commands us not to do it this way.

Ones individual effort and hard work are replaced by lethargic and idle
complaints of "human rights." Of course, its people - with their pride - that,
again, maintains "its all about me" (or
should be).

It is this whole socialistic sense of "entitlement without effort" which, in the
end, actually drains the money and strength from a society - devastating
human independence and achievement. These kinds of thought happened
way back then, and still do. Even in our not so distant past, we see cultures
collapsing because of the imperfections of secular humanism.

What happens when a lot of these "Left Wing" ideologies begin to fail? Of
something has to be blamed - and it can't really be these thoughts!
The true ways of God and the Bible often begin to be twisted around, to
front the thoughts on how "oppressive" they are; or how "unfair"
they are.
They are now the new problem at hand. God and the Bible are the ones
which promote taking away individual freedoms; the stifling of compassion,
etc! Through these manipulations, people begin to migrate from God in
droves. They start to believe that the ways a
human thinks and feels are
those which represent the
real keys towards understanding compassion,
fairness, and personal freedom - and these
include those rationalities which
come from the Serpent, Cain, and Babylon!
Just notice how many Judeo/Christian values are being shunned, today -
their ideologies being substituted by none other than these self-centered,
quasi-pagan concepts. We, at, ask the individual not
to be influenced by empty thoughts of "political correctness," or man's
humanistic rationales; but rather work to discover just
where these
ideological thoughts might come from - and how there might, actually, be a
lot more to it.

God truly wants us to be
blessed; not burdened by the results of
humanism's imperfect outcomes. He wants strength, not weakness; a
chance for us to "stand on our own two feet," not someone in dire need of
government intervention. He wants us to live out our lives in positive,
simpler means; not strive to make a life for ourselves -
on our own - which,
in the end, ends up as more and more complex, incomplete, and chaotic.

Again, we see this struggle seems to go back to the Garden of Eden:

  But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his
  subtility, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is
  in Christ.                                                    - II Cor. 11:3 (KJV)

According to ancient sources, the times just before the flood - back in "the
Days of Noah" - had a society which actually
devolved; not improved, over
time. Interestingly enough, it devolved into those "ways" which might sound
hauntingly familiar to a lot of us:

- ...their souls were empty because they did not know the Lord Jehovah
 nor did they call upon His holy name.

- The concern for each other grew less and less and love for self grew
 more and more...

- They only thought of intent upon pleasure rather doing duty to the
 human race.

- ...the extension of dominion was sought by violence rather than through
 godly labor.

- ... the envious covet the possessions of others... they entered homes
 without right, and took whatever they wanted... they rigged the laws in
 their favor.

Did they go in the same direction many societies, today, are going; or have
already? And, of course, when people discover these ideals don't
really work - when one's life actually becomes more complex, chaotic, and
miserable, because of following these "ways" - those around them with
Republican, conservative, and
Christian thought typically need to get the
blame. It's
never their ideology. It's never anything of our imperfect world
which may help contribute to their evils. It's, naturally, got to be
God, and
all that points to Him, or that comes from Him. And, if anyone challenges
them, they often begin to
double-down on those liberal, progressive, and
pagan thoughts - because their
pride tells them their "ways" can't be wrong.
See how this cycle works?

In the end, to break out of this merry go round of insanity, we need to ask
ourselves a couple of questions: where could many of these "politically
correct" ideologies and pagan thoughts come from -
if they don't come
directly from the Bible, and/or of God
? Also, in what direction might these
thoughts ultimately head an individual towards, if things, ultimately, don't
seem to work to our humanistic expectations?
Human attempts to do everything according to "his own eyes" have plagued
God's true ways to spiritual growth since the dawn of time. Satan uses
thoughts, his emotions, and his willingness to look to other
"ways," as his modem of regression; not enlightenment (as he promised to
Eve in the Garden). Our personal lives, and world, are actually getting
worse - not better - overall, with the adoption of these Serpent "ways." It's
all around us.

  But this thing I command them, saying, Obey my voice, and I will be
  your God, and ye shall be my people: and walk ye all in the ways that I
  have commanded you, that it may be well unto you. But they harkened
  not, nor inclined their ear, but walked in the councils of their evil
  heart, and went backward, and not forward.          - Jer. 7:23-24 (KJV)

Could these ideologies being heading us - not progressively forward - but,
backwards? Could we be heading towards this same negative
time before the flood - where God had to destroy almost everyone, because
of their sin? Could we be heading towards this same "one world
government" - established under pagan Cush and Nimrod - which also had
to be toppled, because of man's unbelievable hate and vanity towards the
Creator? Are we, again, heading ourselves into the modern parallel of
ancient systems of self-destruction, which were, then, established, way
back - and once upon a time - in ancient

They say that:

  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
                                   - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Now, we're beginning to see the reasons why.

There is so much more in the book
The Rise of Mystery Babylon, which
could explain this in further detail.


[1]  Rev. Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons (Neptune, New Jersey: Loizeaux Brothers, 1916),

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