What is "Mystery, Babylon..."?

From Genesis to Revelation, the name Babylon has come up, again and
again, all throughout the Holy Scriptures. In this site, we will discover just
Mystery Babylon was, how it survived, and what it has become today.
We'll discover just how the true enemy of the Christian church is this
system of old. We'll discover how a system that began in
Babylon so long ago survived, and flourished, to currently manipulate many
processes in our world today. This site also provides an outlet for
little-known or otherwise suppressed interpretations of the earliest stories of
the Bible.

No, this is not a "politically correct" attempt to water down that which was
commonplace in biblical wording for thousands of years, nor is it an attempt
to contradict what the Bible says; quite the opposite. This site upholds the
Scriptures. We value the Bible for the original words and content contained
therein. The problem with Biblical interpretation lies in the variety of
meanings contained within the original Hebrew, as well as the flawed
attempts of human beings to correctly translate it into other languages.

Mystery-Babylon.org contributes information from a variety of ancient yet
reliable sources, many of which help to compliment these Biblical stories.
These same sources help us discover what the Bible may really be saying.
The supporting information of these texts may possibly shed enough light to
allow us access to many missing and distorted elements that were contained
in popular biblical accounts, as well as biblical prophecy.

Why does this additional information matter? Possible elements of our
history may remain hidden without it; obscured, for the most part, inside the
"politically correct" veil of modern-day interpretation. The powers and
principalities that support this "Mystery" system of Babylon have, for many
hundred years, kept people from understanding true meanings contained in
the Bible through techniques such as this. These same powers have diligently
attempted to manipulate, change, and suppress anything - anything that
dared opposed it. They want to destroy the true words of the Bible for one
simple reason: these stories, in their entirety, could undermine, and
the "thought machine" they built up over time!

Once we begin to understand the truths of what Mystery Babylon is all
about, as well as these other interpretations, we begin to gather new insight
into what really could be going on in our world today. Thanks to websites
such as this, and other online sources, we still have the opportunity to view
these other ancient texts, as well as contemplate these other interpretations to
our history!

              But as the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the
                             coming of the Son of man be.

                                                        Matthew 24:37 (KJV)

These were the words of Jesus Christ himself, spoken to his future church.
As we'll discover, there
could be a parallel between the ways people lived in
the days of Noah and the ways people live today. It was also during this time
- the time of the biblical Noah - the ancient system of Babylon began to

In this site, we will begin to discover:

           Just what parallels to "the days of Noah" do we see again,
and what does it all mean?

          Are elements of this ancient system of political and religious
 control rising again, one more time?

Almost four thousand years ago, a couple hundred years beyond the flood of
Noah, there was an attempt by people to unify their world into a "one world"
government, as well as religion. This first, great, unification of mankind
marked the synchronization of their political and religious thought into
conglomerate - one ideology. This conglomerate became the foundation for
the establishment of the famous
Tower of Babel, also known as Babylon.

The founders of this "one world" system were a couple of characters in the
Bible: Cush and Nimrod. This tower became mankind's symbol of vanity - a
declaration of independence from any authority of God. Cush and Nimrod
also began to push for control over all the proceedings. Utilizing the religious
and political thoughts they helped establish, a
system began; a system which
would continue to pass on from one government to the next.

Despite attempts by Godly people to destroy this control and influence, the
system would continue on, often in the shadows of everyday life. It even, in
rare occasions, had to go
undercover - the reason was that, at one time, the
entire system of Babylon was almost destroyed (as we'll see).

The physical tower, even the city of Babylon, would crumble over time,
however. Their system of thought and control would continue, slowly
manifesting into what the Bible calls the
Mystery form of Babylon. This
Mystery form would be assimilated into a variety of religious, political and
cultural beliefs many of us know and follow.

Throughout time, up to today, there were people in positions of authority
and influence who wanted a unification of the world in thought and deed. If
"history repeats itself," as it often does, then understanding what went on in
our history is truly the key to diagnosing what might be going on in our
world as we speak. The lifestyles of Noah's day truly appears to be
re-surfacing again, possibly through the descendants of the very people who
once practiced it, long ago!

How do we understand what is
really going on? How do we know what is
true good from evil? The answers are out there, buried inside the Bible and
other ancient texts; we just have to know how to locate them. This website
dives into a number of rarely-discussed stories, theories, and viewpoints,
many which, at one time, could have been commonplace. Now, they have
been delegated to the dusty shelves of antiquity. Some deal with the origins
of this Mystery system, many more deal with stories of the people who set
the ground floor.

As stated, many truths are, today, buried under a suppressive cloak of
cultural, political and religious dogma. Those behind our modern views of
"political correctness" may look at a lot of this information as wrong,
outdated - even offensive. Many refer to anything that opposes their
views of the world as "hatred" or "insensitivity," which explains why so
many of us have never heard of this information. Thank God we still have
some religious freedoms left, and are able to see these viewpoints, before
they, too, become absorbed by the ever-expanding cloak of

Mystery-babylon.org provides obscured, hard to find information about:


-  the biblical characters who organized this original system of
 Babylon, and how they became so powerful they were actually
 looked on as gods and goddesses throughout the ancient world.


-  there may indeed be a gap of time between the "beginning" of
 biblical creation (Genesis 1:1) and the famous "six days" of
 creation which followed, and what it means to the whole scheme
 of biblical reinterpretation.


-  the untold stories of Eden. Was the serpent a snake, or something
 more - even a fallen angel? Was there more than casual
conversation between Eve and this serpent? In what ways could
 the serpent have seduced Eve?


-  the mystery of Cain. Could Cain have been of the "seed of this
 serpent?" What influences would this offspring have on the
 world from then on?


-  the mystery of the so-called "birds" the "beasts" of Scripture.
Was the Bible referring to mere animals here, or people? What
 does it all mean?


-  the mystery of the Genesis 6:4 "giants." Were there physical
 giants, often known as the Nephilim, in these days of Noah?
 What did they contribute to their world at large?


-  other survivors of Noah's flood. The Bible tells us eight souls
 survived the flood. Why souls and not people? Is there biblical
 evidence, as well as others, to show that more people could have
 boarded Noah's ark beyond these eight?


-  how the "torch" of Babylonian majesty and authority was
 passed on from these ancient leaders of Babylon to another
 influential world empire.


-  how this political and religious system assimilated into other
 empirical conquests, other religions, and even other cultures,
 especially the political and religious forces spearheading the
 revival of this Mystery System today.  


-  how the ancient "Ways of Cain" would continue on, throughout
 the cultures of time. What began as Cain's negativity about his
 world spread to his descendants, and beyond. These same
 thoughts and attitudes have permeated our cultures, once again.


-  the "politically correct" ideologies we often run into actually
 had roots before the flood. We'll discover where many of our
 politically-accepted ideals come from, who or what could be
 behind them, as well as parallels of these ancient times to now.


-  how people used these ancient ideals to manipulate others. This
 manipulation, in turn, spreads like a plague, until, once again,
 most of our modern world is under this same system.

In this site, we cover topics from the Garden of Eden to the flood of Noah;
from the era of Adam to the era of Abraham. The emphasis on Babylon
comes at the time soon after Noah's flood. The religious and political system
of Babylon left out God, and concentrated on purely worldly or pagan
elements. They adopted almost every bit of abomination and idolatry
condemned by the Godly people of the day.

The reason our present world is falling apart is because people are, again,
returning to the
same ways as were practiced in the days of Noah - the
"ways of Cain." The two are parallel existences.

The author has tirelessly researched these topics for almost 10 years,
utilizing most apocryphal and pseudepigraphal works that are available. In
this site, we have some interesting answers. These biblically-sound
arguments could intrigue - even startle - the reader. One thing they will do is
"upset the apple cart" of traditional interpretation and speculation on our
early history, especially laid out in the Bible.

If, as a people, we hold fast to what we've always been taught, we open
ourselves up to continued manipulation by others. This prevents our minds
from accepting other possibilities that may abound - "political correctness"
gone awry. This is one of the ways the ancient system of Babylon continues
its hold on the population (of the world). Knowledge is key!

The author of this site is currently working on a comprehensive, 2-volume
expose on the articles featured. Questions and comments are welcomed and

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